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Discover Mytilene and Varia Area - Ενοικιαζόμενα Διαμερίσματα και δωμάτια στη Μυτιλήνη Λέσβος Ξενοδοχεία στη Λέσβο | At Mytilene Lesvos (Lesbos) Greece meet the Filoxenia Apartments - Greek Islands Hotels in Lesvos


Discover Mytilene and Varia Area

    Mytilene is one of the oldest towns in the Aegean Sea. Its was founded back in the beginning of the 10th century BC and ruins from all its periods - archaic, classic, Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine - have been found almost everywhere in and around it. The quay of Mytilene, is the first thing that the visitor sees.

     Most of its buildings were constructed sometime around the turn of the previous century: the former hotel of "Great Britain", the traditional coffee house "Panhellenion", the building of the Agricultural Bank of Greece, the building at "Kolones" - also a former hotel - the old Ottoman Bank which today houses a Patisserie, the Municipality's Public Garden, the marble building of the Prefecture, the old building of the Town Hall, they all compose a sight of rare beauty.

   The town of Mytilene spreads amphitheatrically along the southeastern part of the island and has a population of about 30,000 inhabitants. It has two ports, the northern and the southern one. The southern port substituted the old northern port -known as Epano Skala- at the end of the 19th century.

    Today the southern port is modern and well-organized. Around the area of the port there are various neoclassic buildings that house civil services and almost all the local authorities as well as imposing churches and schools. In the town there are two Archaeological Museums, the Museum of Byzantine Art, the Folk Art Museum, the Traditional Lesbian House, Yeni Tzami (an old mosque) and around it the Ancient Theatre at the hill of Ayia Kyriaki and the Castle to the right of the port. Mytilini also takes pride in its parks, squares and two pine-tree woods at the areas of the Castle and the Ancient Theatre.

   At the same time the town  spread to the northwest, south and southeast, but old settlements, like the area of Kioski and Sourada keep their elegant style to this day, since most of the mansions in them have been renovated.

    The first main junction on the right takes us to Vareia, a beautiful place full of olive trees in which the Museum of Theophilos and the Teriade Museum of Modern Art are situated.

    Going uphill, we meet the village Kayiani or Taxiarches, with the imposing church of the Taxiarch (Archangel Gabriel) and then going back down the first junction to the eastwards leads to the small picturesque villages of Ayia Marina and Pligoni.


Traffic Police 22030
Fire department 199
Mytilene Port Authority 47888, 40827
Customs 28311
Airport 61490, 61590
Mytilene General Hospital 57700
Pharmacy 1434
Local Bus Service 46436
Island Bus Service 28873
Taxi 22064, 23500, 25900, 22919
The Archaeological Museum 28032, 40916
The Byzantine Museum 28916
Teriade Museum 23372
Theofilos Museum 41644
Natural History Museum
Petrified Forest of Sigri
(22530) 54434
St. Raphael Monastery 71259
Taxiarchis Monastery (Madamados) (22530)-61214
Rent a car (Pay Less) Port 43555, 43558
Rent a car (Pay Less) Airport 61665
Rent a car (Budget) Port 61665
Rent a car (Budget) Airport 29600
Rent a car (European) Port 61111
Rent a car (European) Airport 43431
Rent a car (Hertz) Port 61589
Rent a car (Hertz) Airport 37355
Rent a car (Holidays) Port 43311
Rent a car (Holidays) Airport 43311
Rent a bike (Golden Sun) Port 22772
NEL LINES Piraeus (210)-4115015 / 18
NEL LINES Salonica (2310)-522736 / 16
G.A Ferries Alexadroupoli (25510)-88270
G.A Ferries Kavala (2510)-831130
Car Assistance 22700, 47800