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Sights of Lesvos (Mytilene) - Ενοικιαζόμενα Διαμερίσματα και δωμάτια στη Μυτιλήνη Λέσβος Ξενοδοχεία στη Λέσβο | At Mytilene Lesvos (Lesbos) Greece meet the Filoxenia Apartments - Greek Islands Hotels in Lesvos


Sights of Lesvos (Mytilene)

Some places that you can visit in Lesvos Island

1. Mytilene
The Castle, Museums (Byzantine, Folk art, Archaeologicas (Old - New), Theofilos, Teriade), Ancient theatre, Churches (Taxiarchis, Agios Therapontas, Agios Theodoros, Agios Simeon), Beaches (Varia, Vigla, Neapoli, Kratigos, Charamida, AgiosErmogenis), Taverns.

2. Panagiouda
Traditional village with many taverns (fresh fish and sea food).

3. Pamphila
Village with many taverns (fresh fish and sea food),
Traditional House of Women Association (local products).

4. Thermi
Monastery of Agios Raphael(where you can take the holy water or blessed oil), beaches.

5. Skala Skamnias
Traditional village with many taverns (fresh fish and sea food), the Church of Virgin Mary the Mermaid, taverns, beach.

6. Vafios
Taverns (traditional cuisine).

7. Molivos
Traditional settlement, Castle, Beach, Taverns, Cafe-Bars.

8. Petra
The Church of Virgin Mary, beach.

9. Agiasos
Mountain village, the Church of Virgin Mary, ceramics and fretwork workshops, traditional cafes where you can drink the famous greek coffee made on the ember.

10. Kalloni
Beach, taverns(do not forget to taste the local sardines),
Monasteries Leimonos( where you can take the holy water) and Mirtidiotissa.

11. Vrissa
The Natural History Museum, beach Vatera.

12. Plomari
Ouzo Museum, beaches, taverns, cafe.

12. Eressos - Sigri
Petrified forest and Museum, beaches, taverns.

Proposed excursions with your car or with a bus from FILOXENIA Apartments

1. Agios Raphael - Taxiarchis Madamados - Skamnia

2. kalloni - Skala Kallonis - Petra - Molivos

3. Agiasos - Plomari - Vatera - Gulf of Gera

4. Eressos - Sigri

and daily excursions to Turkey (Ancient Pergamos and Ayvalik). PASSPORT  or IDENTITY necessary. This year(2006) with a lot of attention, due to the known problems.

Local products

Olive oil - olives, ladotiri cheese - feta cheese - graviera cheese - butter, ouzo, wine, preserves (Women association), marzipan, honey, pasta - frumenty, textile - ceramics - fretwork, fish - seafood - salted preserves, bread from Lisvori village - crackers - herbs.

"THERMA" Mineral Spring of Gera Gulf

Temperature: 39,7°C
Radiation: 1,8

    The water of the spring has the power to heal th following diseases or complaints. Rheumatics, arthritis, stones, gynecological, respiratory, bronchitis, diabetes and neusasthenia (nervous condition). In addition it helps fight excess weight. The chemical composition of the water allows health people to bath, even children.

Walking paths

1. Varia  - Prophet Ilias - Taxiarchis

2. Varia  - Prophet Ilias - Mytilene

3. Varia  - Prophet Ilias - Kratigos

4. Varia - Taxiarchis - Loutra

The greatest festivals in Lesvos

Shrove Monday (Carnival Agiasos and Messotopos).

23th of April (Agios Georgios Thermi village, traditional music and kiskets).

Easter (On Easter Tuesday Agios Raphael, Easter Friday church Zoodochos Pigi Varia).

2nd Sunday after Easter, at Taxiarchis Madamados, kiskets.

1st June Bull's feast, Agia Paraskevi village, traditional music and kiskets.

17th July Agia Marina feast, Music and food.

20th  July Prophet Ilias Mytilene, Music and food.

20th  July Prophet Ilias in Agiasos, horse race.

20th  July Agia Magdalini, Skopelos in Gera Gulf

15th  August Virgin Mary Church in Agiasos

15th  August Virgin Mary Church in Petra

26th October Agios Dimitrios Moria - music and kiskets

* Kiskets: Traditional food. Meat boiled with wheat or rice.

Waterlands in Lesvos

   A very interesting ecosystem is the Waterland of the Gulf of Kalloni which includes the gulf itself and a large number of wetlands: the saltpans of Kalloni and Polychnitos, salt plains, streams and their mouths, reed thickets, pine forests and olive groves.

    Gulf Of Gera, Evergetoula area, is also of great ecological significance. The particular water land is formed from the homonymous river. This water land gives shelter to rich fauna while some of them have been characterized as rare.